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Outdoor Summer Market

Every Thursday during July and August, scenic Riverside Park comes alive with the vibrant agricultural heritage of the Florenceville-Bristol region, making this Outdoor Summer Market a popular spot for both local shoppers and visitors.

The Outdoor Summer Market is an easy place to fill your basket with fresh produce, meats, organic vegetables, pure maple products, flowers, jewelry, paintings, wooden crafts, and a variety of artisans’ work. Enjoy delicious foods prepared by several food vendors and a variety of homemade treats while enjoying weekly live entertainment.

With so much happening here, there is no doubt that Thursday will be your favourite day of the week…all summer long!

Market hours are 10am-2pm.

Click the links below for information on becoming a vendor.

Evening Market

Introducing the Evening Market at Riverside Park every Thursday during the month of September.  Join us in our premiere Evening Market 4pm to 8pm Starting September 7th.

The Evening Market fosters a sense of belonging and connection while celebrating local culture and craftsmanship through local artists, producers, vendors and artisans. 

By shopping at evening markets, community members directly support local businesses. This economic engagement strengthens the local economy and encourages a collaborative spirit. 

Make Riverside Park your destination on Thursdays this September.  The Evening Market has potential to enrich the social fabric of our community by providing a space for people to interact, celebrate local culture, and create lasting memories together.

Market hours are 4pm to 8pm.

Click the links below for information on becoming a vendor.

Contact the Tourism Department if you have any questions
506-392-6763 ext. 207