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Would you Like to Present to Council? 

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*Please Note Request to Present at Council Meetings Must be Submitted One Week Prior to the Date of the Council Meeting you Wish to Present at. 

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Helpful Tips for Presenting Before Council Meeting

When Presenting Before Council:
  • Remember, that you only have 5 minutes to make your presentation to Council, which will then be followed by any questions council may have.
  • When speaking to the mayor use, “Mayor Harvey”.
  • To address a councillor, simply address them by “Councillor” followed by their last name
Presentation Process:
  • Start of by stating your name clearly for the record, as well as indicate any related professional affiliations. “My name is…”
  • State the purpose of your address. “I would like to…”
  • Speak within the time allotted and ensure the information you provide is related to the item on the agenda.
  • To finish your presentation, advise council using the following phrase: “This concludes my comments Mayor Harvey”
  • Following your presentation, the mayor will invite Council members to ask any questions of you.
  • Please ensure you answer the question as directed by Council and do not engage in a debate.
  • If there are no further questions, the mayor will thank you for your comments.
Additional Tips for Presenting Before Council:
  • Presentations should be concise and provide only the information required for council tomake an informed decision.
  • Stick to the most important messages
  • For more information on Council meeting procedure, please consult the Council Procedure By-Law
  • If you have any questions, please contact the District office at 506-392-6763